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About Us

Since 2001, Sticky has been setting the standard in Australia for hand-made confectionery. With some of the most talented and experienced practitioners of the sculptural art that is making Rock Candy, Sticky is now internationally recognized as the finest exponents this traditional craft anywhere in the world.


Our commitment to quality, personal service and competitive pricing has taken a small family owned Australian business around the world. With partners in The US, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Mexico, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Sticky remains proudly Australian and proudly family owned. We don’t just make candy, we are committed to making beautiful things each and every day.


Unlike most sellers of Rock style confectionery in Australia, Sticky does not outsource our production work, but instead makes everything we sell in store and in front of you. We are incredibly proud of what we do, and being able to share what is a fascinating and spectacular process with the public is integral to who we are. Making beautiful candy is an art, and if someone doesn’t want you to see them making it, you should treat them with caution and ask them why they should be trusted to make you something unique.


When you call Sticky, you speak to us, the owners, the candy-makers. Despite the hand-made nature of what we do, we guarantee the quality of everything we make and most of all we want to make you happy.